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Terez’s essays have appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, the Spokane Spokesman-Review, the L.A. Daily News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Peace Corps Online.

Anthology credits include:

Cover: Women Who Eat Women Who Eat (Seal Press, November 2003),

Cover:A Woman's EuropeA Woman’s Europe (Travelers’ Tales, June 2004),

Cover:Migrants and StowawaysMigrants and Stowaways (Knoxville Writers’ Guild, October 2004) and

Cover: Italy, a Love StoryItaly, a Love Story (Seal Press, June 2005).



Praise for Terez Rose:

  • “Browsers should be sure to check out Terez Rose's piece on her personal and culinary transformations during a Peace Corps stint in Central Africa…”
    - Rebekah Denn, Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Women Who Eat. Read more...
  • “We find splendid writers like Terez Rose spending melancholic afternoons on gray beaches in dreary old England…”
    - Foreword Magazine on A Woman’s Europe.
  • “Terez Rose's account of how fiercely she missed the most pedestrian American foods when doing a Peace Corps stint in Gabon offers both Mom's Egg Casserole and Terez's African Egg Casserole.”
    - Publishers Weekly on Women Who Eat.

Friday, February 13, 2009
The Soul of the Violin - Getting it Right in Fiction (Doublestop Magazine)

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Whatever Comes, I’m Still Mom (L.A. Daily News)

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Sunday, August 31, 2003
Seeking wisdom in tough times, without a job (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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Sunday, August 31, 2003
"I Lost my Mother" Day (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

It’s an annual malady, as predictable as the blooming flowers and lengthening days. Irritation masks the pain in my heart as I walk past the card section of a drugstore, where “Happy Mother’s Day” has taken up the space previously occupied by “Happy Easter/Passover.” The colorful advertisements for jewelry stores, chocolate shops and florists sting me. “Remember everything Mom did for you - now’s the time to thank that special woman!”
I lost my mother seven years ago. It was sudden, it was difficult. I struggled through the numbness, followed by tears and anger, grief tainting my day for months. Life moved on, and I learned to deal with my loss. But Mother’s Day took me by surprise.
I didn’t think twice about going to church on Mother’s Day last year. So much time had passed since her death, I didn’t think I’d feel too emotional. During the sermon, however, the priest began to read a children’s story of the lifetime bond of love between a mother and her child. I felt a stab of pain and then a deeper contraction in my heart. “Oh no, I’m going to cry,” I thought, and then to my mortification, big tears slid down my cheeks.
I felt a Big Cry coming on, the kind that anyone who has lost a loved one understands. It could be five years after their death, it could be a small, sentimental detail, but when something triggers the pain, it roars over you like their death was yesterday. I did everything I could to keep the Big Cry at bay; I bit my lip, I dug my fingernails into my...



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