Blending humor and pathos, A DANCER’S GUIDE TO AFRICA takes the reader along on a suspense-laden, sensual journey through Africa’s complex beauty, mystery and mysticism.

Available October 2, 2018



“Hilarious and poignant, with a frank, observant narrator who seems forever on the outside looking in, and all the more lovable and relatable for that.”
- Sarah Bird, bestselling author of The Yokota Officers Club and Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen

“Rich with the smells, sounds, sights and culture of Africa, this novel takes us on an exquisite journey, through the eyes of a ballet dancer turned Peace Corps volunteer. A Dancer's Guide to Africa is at once funny and dark, and superbly nuanced.”
- Marika Brussel, choreographer and former dancer

“A textured, sensuous, coming-of-age story that had me turning pages until the very end. I could almost hear the drums and see the firelight as I followed these believably drawn characters through their cultural and romantic escapades in this wonderful novel.”
- Anne Clermont, author of Learning to Fall


Fiona Garvey, ballet dancer and recent college graduate, joins the Peace Corps to outrun her sister’s bitter betrayal and ends up in Gabon, an African country she's never heard of, hoping its wild beauty will speak to her artist's soul. Instead Fiona quickly realizes she’s in over her head. Her job teaching English, executed in breezy Western style, crashes hard into Africa's complicated reality. One of her older students becomes menacingly fixated on Fiona, until her former trainer, Christophe, a charismatic, philandering Gabonese man she’s incapable of forgetting, uses his privilege and connections to make the problem go away.

Surrounded by the roots of African dance, Fiona’s abandoned ballet practice gradually morphs into something feral and mystical. This, along with her pale blue eyes, prompts the locals to believe she holds the power to access the spirit world. And when her former student returns, bent on confronting Fiona one last time, it is not Christophe but Fiona who can—and must—reach inside herself to find her own personal power and fight back.

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