Exposing the glamorous onstage world of professional ballet, as well as its shadowed wings and dark underbelly, OUTSIDE THE LIMELIGHT examines loyalty, beauty, artistic passion, and asks what might be worth losing in order to help the ones you love.

Available in print and online on October 30, 2016


"From the theater's spotlights and shadows comes a nuanced drama of pain and beauty without one false note. I didn't want it to end!"
- Kathryn Craft, bestselling author of THE FAR END OF HAPPY and THE ART OF FALLING

Exceptional character development made me care about these people and despite my ignorance of the ballet world and its machinations, Terez Mertes Rose painted for me a picture that was beautiful and relatable and just a little bit gritty. I'm sorry to let these characters go so soon!”
- Lauren E. Rico, author of REVERIE and RHAPSODY


Rising ballet star Dena Lindgren's dream career is knocked off its axis when a puzzling onstage fall results in a crushing diagnosis: a brain tumor. Looming surgery and its long recovery period prompt the company’s artistic director, Anders Gunst, to shift his attention to an overshadowed company dancer: Dena's older sister, Rebecca, with whom Anders once shared a special relationship.

Under the heady glow of Anders’ attention, Rebecca thrives, even as her recuperating sister, hobbled and unnoticed, languishes on the sidelines of a world that demands beauty and perfection. Rebecca ultimately faces a painful choice: play by the artistic director’s rules and profit, or take shocking action to help her sister.

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