Maid Marian
by Elsa Watson

Thursday, July 1, 2004

THE LEGEND OF ROBIN HOOD gets a new spin in Elsa Watson’s elegant debut, Maid Marian, a novel filled with adventure, romance, twelfth-century intrigue and a dollop of Peace Corps philosophy. As an orphaned child of landed nobility, Marian is a ward of the king and thus a political pawn. Wed at age five to Hugh of Sencaster, she becomes a widow at seventeen when Hugh dies under mysterious circumstances. Following her mourning period, Marian learns of communication between Lady Pernelle, her former mother-in-law, and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, who holds the key to Marian’s fate. Distrustful of Lady Pernelle, who’d balked before returning Marian’s lands following Hugh’s death, Marian seeks out the renowned Robin Hood to help intercept a letter between the two women. From it, she learns the queen has granted permission for marriage between Marian and Lady Pernelle’s youngest son.


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